Yes, we have clinics and are fortunate to have many of the clinicians from the 2020 "Van Nuys Local" Convention agree to give their clinics aboard the Orange Blossom Special. If you had “to die for” the 2020 clinic, you may find it in our Orange Blossom clinic line up. Due to the cost of the material provided for the following clinics we will have to charge a nominal fee for participating in them.


We list the clinics in alphabetical order of the clinicians. The first listing is just the titles, go farther down in the list to see the description of each clinic.




Painting People (extra fare $5)

Clinician: Phyllis Baker

No model railroad is complete without people – lots of them. City streets, stores and train stations are just a few places where people bring life to a scene. That being said, do you purchase already per-painted people or plain white molded people from Preiser? When this subject came up my husband jumped at the chance to have me paint people. He purchased me 18 boxes of Preiser figures. Well, there is a long way to go to finish all these “plastic people”, I thought that I would share the techniques that I have learned from other modelers and plain old experience.



Model Ultra-Realistic Surf (extra fare $5)

Clinician: Scott Forrest

Are you into realistic scenery?  Then this is a must attend clinic. In this clinic Scott will demonstrate (?) his technique to model Ultra-Realistic Surf from start to finish. You have to do it yourself or you will not believe how easy it is!  This is a hands-on clinic and you will be provided with a prepared mini diorama on which you will model realistic surf, crashing waves, and white water.  Can this technique be used to model river white water too? Probably, but it is fast, cheap, easy, and produces results as good as or better than many other techniques. We recommend you bring your favorite pair of tweezers (optional), with all other materials and tools provided. Cost to attend this clinic $5.00, pre-registration is required and clinic size is limited to 20 attendees, so sign up now.



Basic Kit-Build Workshop (extra fare $30)

Clinicians: Carl Heimberger, Richard Hock, Dave Arendes and Gary Butts

In this 5 to 6-hour work-shop oriented clinic, participants will be given the opportunity to build the HO scale DPM kit “Humble Home” guided by experienced model builders in a very individually focused atmosphere.  This is meant to be a low stress clinic so if you have a question or need help just ask for it.   This will be a great clinic if you have never constructed a DPM kit, or want to learn new techniques, tips and tricks to improve the quality of your models. And the clinic is limited to only 15 attendees.  You will learn to properly prepare, fit and glue parts together, paint and apply finishing details to the kit.  There is a fee of $30 to attend the clinic which includes the  kit, glue, paint, and brushes needed to do the work will be provided, but there are a few basic personal tools you should bring with you to the clinic.  Short breaks will be taken during the clinic including a lunch break and attendees are encouraged to return on time as the clinic will proceed on schedule. We will be using glue and paint so older clothing should be worn. Pre-registration for this clinic is required.

Basic tools required.

  • Small plastic cutting mat.
  • # 1 Excel knife with lots of extra #11 blades.
  • Scale ruler/straight edge
  • Small mill file 6”
  • Emery boards.
  • Small square.
  • And of course, any of your favorite tools and paint brushes, etc.





Owl Mountain Lumber Load Clinic (extra fare $8)

Clinicians: Jason Hill/James Keena  

Each participant will be provided an Owl Mountain Models Lumber Load Sprue for painting and assembling their own stack of lumber to take home for placing on flat cars, in gondolas or as a scenery. Paints, bushes, glue and hobby knifes will be provided, but you may bring your own tools and supplies as well. In this follow along hands on clinic painting techniques will be demonstrated to so to achieve realistic looking rough-cut lumber.



Multi-Media Hands-On Weathering Clinic (extra fare $5)

Clinicians: Pete Steinmetz and James Keena

In this Clinic various weathering techniques will be demonstrated by Pete Steinmetz via an overhead projection camera while you will be able to follow along and practice the weathering technique on clinic provided cars.  Weathering techniques include Pan Pastels, pigments, washes, colored pencils and other media. We will discuss how to plan and prepare for a realistic weathering project. James Keena will answer questions and assist participants throughout the presentation.  Each participant will be provided an inexpensive boxcar to practice on along with access to various weathering supplies to utilize during the presentation. Techniques are simple. With a little practice attendee will improve their weathering skills.



Build a Searchlight Signal (extra fare $8)

Clinician: Steve Pepin

Do you want to have signal on your layout but do not want to spend a fortune on them?  In this clinic Steve will take you step by step through the process of building a Searchlight Signal.  You will cut, fit and solder brass tubing, bar stock. Also, cut and fit styrene, and install LED’s.  The clinic will provide all the materials and soldering stations, but it is suggested you bring the following tools:

  • A small cutting pad
  • Razor saw
  • Files
  • Hobby knife with extra blades