Sponsors and Donors


We are extremely grateful for the generosity of the following corporations, stores and private persons who have donated items to our convention. Please make sure to mention that you appreciate their generosity when you frequent their establishments:

Arizona Rock and Mineral https://www.armballast.com/ Gift Certificate
Arnies Trains http://www.arniesmodeltrains.com/ DCC Decoder
Coffman Graphic Solutions https://www.coffmaneng.com/ Truck Caliper
Daylight Sales https://www.daylightsales.net/ Gift Certificate
Deepwoods Software https://www.deepsoft.com/ USB Drive
Exact Rail Models https://exactrail.com/ Cars
Frenchman River Model Works http://frenchmanriver.com/ Kits
Kadee https://www.kadee.com/ Cars

Micro Scale

http://www.microscale.com Decals

Micro Trains

https://www.micro-trains.com/ N-scale Cars

Mini Prints

https://www.miniprints.com/ Gift Certificate
Rail Masters http://railmasterhobbies.com/ Convention Bags and Printing
Rix Products https://rixproducts.com/ Kits and Rerailers
Showcase Miniatures https://www.showcaseminiatures.net/ Gift Certificate
Teamtrack Models https://www.teamtrackmodels.com/ Gift Certificate
The Original Whistle Stop https://www.thewhistlestop.com/ Cash Prizes, Gift certificate
Walthers https://www.walthers.com/ Cars
Woodland Scenics https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/ Learning Kits
Zona Tool Company https://blackstoneind.com/ Gift Certificate

 Updated 7/27/2021