Home Layouts and Operating Sessions


Welcome to the Home Layouts and Ops Sessions page. This year, layout viewing and Operations will be somewhat different as layouts will only be open in the afternoons from noon to 5:00 PM.  Operations will follow a similar schedule but only on Thursday and may run into the evening.

Another thing we are going to try is a bus tour to several of the home layouts near the hotel. And yes, we have worked out a way that not all of the passengers on the bus will visit the same layout at the same time.  Here is how this will work. At the first layout, 25% of the members will depart the bus the bus will then proceed to the next layout and drop of another 25%. At the third layout another 25% and then back to the first layout to drop off the final 25% and pick up the members there and move them to the next layout. This will continue until all onboard have seen each layout. This plan limits members at any one layout from 10 to 12 so everyone should have the opportunity to view the layout in detail. If this is something you have an interest in, you will need to sign up for the tour under the extra fare items and the tour is limited to 46 passengers.

For Operations Sessions you will need to also pre-signup but there is no cost to attend them. However, space at most of the layouts is limited so pre-signups are required for attending Ops sessions.


The following is a listing of the layouts that we have as of January 20, 2021, that will be available for visits and/or operations during the Orange Blossom Special:


You will find the layouts on these two lists:

More layouts will be published here as we get them.

Updated 2/17/2021