Layouts - Operations


Welcome to the Operation Sessions hosted during the Orange Blossom Special!

Thanks for your interest in participating in the hosted operations sessions of the Orange Blossom Special. The hosts are looking forward to having you as a crew member on their layout!

There are nine very different layouts operating during 19 different time slots to choose from and many of the operation sessions time frames do not conflict with Clinics. 

Click on the blue text in the table below to see details of that layout.

These operating sessions are restricted to Convention attendees only.


Pre-Registration is Required to participate in Operations Sessions:

Preparing a layout for operations and hosting an operating session requires a lot of work beforehand by the host.  Therefore, pre-registration for Operation Sessions is required to participate.  If there are not enough pre-registered participants as of September 3rd, an Operation Session may be cancelled entirely.

Pre-Registration Instructions:  To register for one or more operating session, please refer to the email you received from Dan Moran on August 20, 2021.

NOTE: If you registered for the Orange Blossom Special after August 20, and want to participate in the Ops Sessions, please contact Dan Moran at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Owner Location Name Scale Guest Operators Layout Size Accessible DCC


Mike Artner Palos Verdes Estates Pacific Harbor Lines HO 3 8x20 Yes NCE Harbor Switching
Eric Bloomer Gardena Gardena Railroad HO 2 2x20 Yes Digitrax Industrial Switching
Marty Bradley Los Alamitos Oakhurst Railroad HO/G 5 9x11 DD HO/Garden *** Digitrax Sierra Logging
Bob Calichia Los Alamitos Los Angeles Junction HO 3 11x20 Yes NCE Urban Switching
Chris Jean Fullerton Santa Ana & Newport HO 4-6 20x20 DD Yes** MRC So Cal
Lloyd Lehrer Manhattan Beach Western & Terminal Railroad HO/HOn3 3 11x22 DD No Digitrax Port Ops/ Shortline Logging
Joel Morse Garden Grove New York, Ontario and Western Rwy N 8 10x20 Yes** Digitrax Mainline/ Locals
Ron Sipkovich Mission Viejo Santa Fe and Pacific N 4 27x16 No Digitrax Cajon Pass
Ron Varnell Torrance AEW Railroad HO 8 1,400 sq ft No Digitrax Mainline Rockies

**     the layout is accessible but height restrictions for wheelchair bound because of the height of one or both decks
***   wheelchair access for the garden railroad portion of the layout only


Operations Session Registration Notice:

It is the desire of the Cajon Division Convention Committee to provide as many members with the opportunity to operate at least once, so while registrants are welcome to sign up for multiple sessions, such requests may not be able to be accommodated.


We look forward to see you at a session, or two.

Updated 8/22/2021