As of April 27, there are over 33 different clinics on topics ranging from layout design, operations, scenery, prototype and many others. We plan to have over 50 clinics at the convention. Many clinics will run 2 hours or longer. Below is a listing of clinics - watch this page for updates, and more information. We still have a few openings for clinics - if you are interested in presenting, click to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

List of expected clinic topics: This is expected to grow, probably will change as we get commitments from clinicians. The initial schedule will be published in June, so check back then.

Updated 5/20/2018


Using Layout Command Control - LCC (New)

Build FOS Scale Models Yard Office Kit - (Hands On) Extra Fare (New)

Automated Track Cleaning Process (New)


Using JMRI     
Ghost of Gasoline Alley  
How To Load and Tie Down Non Protypical Loads 
Decoder Installation      
Loco Tune Up        
Applying Decals      
Controlling Trains With Blue Tooth 
Glue - Using The Correct Glue for Different Materials       
NMRA AP Program   
Weathering With Pan Pastels (Hands On) 
Weathering With Multi Media 

Operating Sessions Primer
Weathering (Multiple Sessions)
Modeling with the Cricut Cutter
3D Printing
Hands on, Build a T Track Module.  Then run trains. (Extra Fare)
Airbrush for Beginners
Airbrush, Paint a Car
Battery Power Radio Control or Dead Rail
Electrical (Various Topics)
Southern California Railroad History
Prototype ­ Southern Pacific
Prototype ­ Santa Fe
Making Trees
Building A Small Layout
Arduino For Model Railroads
Using an Arduino Hands On (Extra Fare)
Chalk Marks on Cars
Passenger Trains
Model Photography
Prototype Photography                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Check back. More Clinics will be added