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Welcome to the "Beach Ops 2018" Company Store and Extra Fare page. Listed below are items available for purchase / pre-order through our Online ordering and payment. All payments are made through the secure Paypal payment service, allowing you to pay securely using credit or debit cards, online checks, or direct transfer. Please note that all Convention items will be available for pick up at the Registration desk - they will not be shipped to you.

If you prefer to print a form and mail it in with your payment, click HERE for the Extra Fare form (pdf):

Extra Fare Items - Tours, Clinic Charges and Convention Memorabilia
Hobo Breakfast - Breakfast Buffet in hotel - $15 / person
Prototype Tours
Select Tours
Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, Campo, CA - All Day - Lunches provided - VAN - $60 / person - Friday All Day
The National City Depot and San Diego Trolley Museum, National City, CA - Half Day - Van - $30 / person - Thursday PM
Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum, Carlsbad, CA - Half Day - Van - $30 / person - Saturday AM
Poway-Midland RR, Poway, CA - Shop Tour & Rides (tickets not included) - Half Day - Van - $30 / person - Saturday PM
San Juan Capistrano - Half Day - Amtrak - Shuttle $5 / person
Clinic Fees
Build a Yard House with Frank Baker -  HO - $20 / person
Using an Arduino Hands On - $45 / person
Company Store
  Beach Shirt With Logo - $39.95 /each
Convention Logo Patch - Full color fabric patch with iron-on backing
$6.00 /each
Convention Logo Pin - 1.25" Enameled pin with butterfly clasp
$7.00 /each

Convention Car - with logo decal sheet, each.
HO RTR - $25.00, HO Kit - $16.00, N RTR - $20.00

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