The "Hobo" Auction (otherwise known as a "Chinese" auction widely used by churches and other organizations) will be held Friday night in the main ballroom. There will be tables against the room walls with donated items being auction laid out on the tables, each with a container next to it. Typical items in the auction are locomotives, car kits, structure kits, tools, books, videos, wine, and non-railroad related items as well.

Auction tickets are sold in sheets of 25, each ticket on a sheet having identical numbers, along with a stub (with the same number) and a door prize drawing ticket (don't lose your stub!). You may purchase as many ticket sheets as you desire - there are discounts for multiple sheet purchases. Once you have your sheets, separate the tickets so that they can be used for bidding.

To bid on an item, drop one or more tickets into the container next to the item you are bidding on. You may drop as many tickets as you feel necessary, but only ONE ticket in the container will be the winning ticket. Once the auction is announced as "Closed", no more tickets are allowed into the containers. At that time the drawing for winners will begin. You must be able to confirm your tickets with your stub each time you win, so hold onto the stub during the drawings.