Operations layouts descriptions and details. For additional information please visit the websites if indicated. 

Short Track Model Railroad Club (N)

The Short Trak Railroad is one of many exhibitors at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum. The railroad includes a 20’x50’ permanent N scale layout and a 20’x 30’ N-Trak layout.  The layout features all types of train operations using DC/DCC and train orders to control train movements.  See more on their website - website

North County Model Railroad Society (HO)

NCMRS is a free-lanced late transition era California themed layout with a 350-foot single track main line designed for continuous running on public exhibition and point-to-point bridge line running for formal operating sessions.  The layout uses JMRI and Engine Driver and WiThrottle for control and verbal dispatching with switchlist/train orders for train movement. See more on their website  - website

Ryan DiFede's Cascade Line - Southern Pacific Springfield Subdivision (circa 1954) (N)    Ryan Di Fede’s n-scale layout depicts the Springfield Sub-division in Oregon in 1954.  The “Cascade Line” was part the passenger timetable of Shasta Route and extended from Eugene beyond Klamath Falls. The modeled railroad supports passenger service, through freights, and locals.    It is a point-to-point railroad around the walls on two levels, with staging east (Eugene) & west (Klamath Falls) at each point. The lower level includes industry in the town of Springfield, and a helper yard with a saw mill at Oakridge. The upper level of the layout represents climbing “The Hill” in the Cascades ending with the division point at Crescent Lake, just past the Summit and before entering staging.
    Trains move between levels and to and from staging via a manually operated staging elevator. It has 5 shelves, the lower 2 are east staging, the upper 2 are west staging, and the center shelf carries the main line between the upper and lower levels.    Bench work is complete. The layout is fully operational with all track installed and trains DCC controlled with a NCE PowerCab. Additional throttles are NCE Radio or Wi-Fi mobile phone apps. There is a mix of manual and DCC operated turnouts. Scenery is in the beginning stages; there is good progress on the backdrop, some foam has been cut to the general topography, a few structures have been built, and lots of plans in place.  All contained in a dedicated 6’ X 12’ “Tuff Shed” out building in the back yard.


La Mesa Model Railroad Club (HO) located at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum.

The La Mesa Model Railroad Club will be conducting Timetable and Train Order operating sessions Saturday, September 15, and Sunday September 16.  These sessions are divided into six hour shifts.  Convention attendees will be offered the opportunity to run trains with the help of club members.  Crew positions include an engineer and a conductor.  Experienced operators may be offered other positions.  Attendees signing up for these sessions will receive information via email to help them familiarize themselves with the layout and operating procedures. Please visit the website for additional information regarding the layout and operations.  website

San Diego Model Railroad Association (HO) located at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum

The San Diego Model Railroad Association (San Diego and Arizona layout) will be conducting operating sessions on Saturday, September 15 and Sunday September 16.  These sessions will utilize JMRI manifests and switch lists to run trains across this large, prototypical layout.  Attendees will be able to sign up for operating positions including Yardmasters and train crews (engineer and conductor); materials (manifests, route maps, etc.) will be provided to attendees during each session.  Please visit the website for additional information about the scope and history of the layout.- website

Duncan Mcree's Southern Pacific Donner Pass route (HO, HOn3)

Duncan Mcree’s layout represents the Southern Pacific Donner Summit route running from Colfax Ca. to Truckee, CA.  The layout is “dead rail”, using battery powered, radio controlled equipment developed by Tam Valley Depot.  The railroad is operated using the tab-on-car method and features a narrow gauge connection with the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad at Colfax.