Model railroad operations refer to the movement of the model trains over the layout to simulate the practices of the prototype. This simulation includes several of the operating positions seen on the prototype including an engineer, conductor, dispatcher or station agent. The movement of the trains is usually controlled by some type of schedule and/or permission from the dispatcher or superintendent (owner). The purpose is to make the model railroad feel like an integral part of a nationwide rail system by moving merchandise and passengers over the line and connecting with points off of the modeled portion of the railroad through interchange and staging. Each railroad will have its own unique operating scheme and system depending on the type of railroad modeled.

Model Railroad Operating sessions are planned for every day of the Convention. These sessions are restricted to a set number of operators, so sign up early (sign up's will be available to registrants in August). You do not have to be an experienced operator to join these sessions - just be a person interested in operating a layout, and willing to learn. There will be clinics early in the convention for registrants planning to operate to go over the layouts, how they operate, and the "rules of the road".

Operating Sessions will require prior sign-up by signing into the website with your login id and password then going to the Events/Tours -> Operations -> Operations Sign-Up menu and opening the session you are interested in.  Sign Ups are Now Open!

Once a session is full, a stand-by list will be maintained at the Convention Bulletin Board outside the Company Store. Once the schedule is finalized, logged in registrants will be able to create and manage their signup.