The San Diego area hosts several prototype operations that are fun to visit, photograph, and model. Below are the currently scheduled tours - find those that sound interesting, then sign up for them either on the Extra Fare portion of the Registration form, or by going to the on-line Company Store where you can signup and pay for the event using your credit/debit card or your PayPal account.

Reminder: All tours and events are subject to cancellation at any time, and are offered based on availability of equipment, personnel, or sufficient number of registrants for the event. ALL TOURS MUST BE BOOKED BY AUGUST 15, 2018

The National City Depot and San Diego Trolley Museum nc depot

Being the first intercity railroad in San Diego, the Santa Fe National City depot served San Diego from 1882 until the 1960’s and is the last representative of the original stations built on the west coast by the five transcontinental railroads. View artifacts, displays and photographs from the late 1800's into the 1900's. There is an operating 3 rail model RR, bookstore and gift shop.
The Trolley Museum, (San Diego Electric Railway Co.) has several vintage trolleys open for display with some in various stages of restoration. The SDERA was responsible for the restoration of a vintage trolley which now runs on the MTA gold line. This tour will leave the hotel and return. Some walking is required.

Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, Campo, CA loco

Enjoy a 12 mile, hour and half train ride through the San Diego backcountry from Campo to the international border on vintage railroad equipment. The route is on the original San Diego Arizona main line which was established between San Diego and El Centro in the early 1900's. In addition to the ride, a photo run by will be possible along with a limited number of cab rides in the engine.
After the ride and lunch a walking tour with Docents of the facilities at Campo and the yard areas where over 80 pieces of vintage railway equipment, restored or awaiting restoration, are in the museum collection.

Ride the Surfliner to San Juan Capistrano

Ride the Amtrak Surfliner along the beautiful Pacific shore to San Juan Capistrano. Shop for several hours, have a leisurely lunch, and return in time for the banquet. Shuttles from the hotel will leave at 7:45am to catch the 8:30 #567 train at the San Diego Depot. You will return on the #774 train leaving San Juan Capistrano at 1:45pm. Enjoy shopping and a leisurely lunch.
Riders will purchase their own fares at the station

All Day
Buy ticket at Amtrak

Poway-Midland RR
Poway, CA

engine 1 The Poway-Midland Railroad is a full-size, narrow-gauge railroad in Old Poway Park which carries passengers aboard vintage and antique railroad equipment. The railroad is owned by the City of Poway, and operated by the Poway Midland Railroad Volunteers. This extra fare event on Saturday includes transportation to the RR, a steam train ride pulled by a vintage locomotive, and a tour of the shop and turntable. Another tour on Thursday will include just the shop (no train ride), but also the Carlsbad Miniature Craftsmanship Museum (described above). Be sure to designate which tour you prefer. 
Miniature Engineering
Craftsmanship Museum
Carlsbad, CA



The museum displays the best collection of model miniatures in the world, from cars, trains, planes, boats, machines, and every imaginable object that can be miniaturized. Items on display in the museum have been donated by some of the world's finest craftsmen or their families. Louis Chenot's 1/6 scale running Duesenberg SJ is a featured exhibit. Young Park's 1/16 scale Corsair was sought by both the San Diego Aerospace Museum and the Smithsonian, but Mr. Park donated it to MCM along with his newly completed P-51 Mustang. Barry Jordan's 1/14 Bridgeport mill is the only example of his world famous work on display in the United States. Your visit will also include a behind the scenes tour of the machinery shop. There are two opportunities: Saturday with the Poway- Midland steam ride tour, or Thursday morning with the Poway Midland Shop tour. Sign up now.


Chula Vista Live Steamers
Bonita, CA



Before you leave for home on Sunday, be sure to take advantage of a special opportunity to ride a 1:8 scale RR at Rohr Park with the Chula Vista Live Steamers. Normally, they would be closed for the season, but will open just for our convention. Although no buses will run on Sunday, we will have ride-sharing for those that sign up in advance. There is no cost, but advanced registration is required, whether you choose to ride-share or take you own car.