2016 LA Division Convention - Layout Tours Angels Gate Hi-Railers - O scale Bauman, Clark - HO scale Bradley, Marty - HO scale Belmont Shore Model Railroad Club - N scale Brody, Todd - G scale California Southern Model Railroad Club - HO scale Caves, Rob - HO scale, HOn3 Fearn, Terry - HOn3 Glendale Model Railroad Society - HO scale Grech, Bob - HO scale Heine, Mike - HO scale Highland Park Society of Railroad Engineers - HO scale Ivison, Dennis - On30 Kenny, Frank - N scale Kin, Steve - HO scale Lancaster, Jim - HO scale Lehrer, Lloyd - HO/HOn3 Los Angeles Model Railroad Society - HO scale Morse, Joel - N scale Osborne, Mike - HO scale Pasadena Model Railroad Society - HO scale Raymond, Gary - No. 1 scale and gauge Rizzie, Bob - HOn3 Santa Susana Railroad Historical Society - HO scale Scott, Randy - On3 Sheegog, David - G scale Slim Gauge Guild - HO/HOn3/Sn3 Smith, Jeff - HO scale Traintime, Jeff - HO scale Varnell, Ron - HO scale Wallace, Allen - HO scale Wexler, Dan - HO scale Click on a layout name to see details and photos Layout tour day and time schedule - Word document Layout tour day and time schedule - PDF