2016 LA Division Convention - Special Events LA Junction is proud to be hosting the following special events: WELCOME RECEPTION - Wednesday, September 21st. starting at 6:00 pm at Ron Varnell’s HO scale Union Pacific layout. Guests will have the opportunity to operate on the layout. Dinner with drinks at no cost to registered members. The dinner will be catered by Santa Maria BBQ, which includes beef, chicken beans, corn, cole slaw and bread. Please RSVP on the registration page that you will be attending so that we can have an accurate count on participating members. BRUNCH AT THE MAGIC CASTLE - Sunday, September 25th. This is an extra fare event with a cost of $65.00. Limited to 24 persons. This is a self driving event. No bus service provided. Reservation is non refundable unless tour is canceled by Convention Committee.  SWAP MEET - Saturday, September 24th. Attendees only 8:00 am to 9:00 am. general admission 9:00 to 12:00 pm. Tables are still available, if interested please contact Wayne R. Maynard at: waynermaynard@yahoo.com Table prices are $20.00 for the first table and $10.00 for each additional.
First table Additional tables FAMILY DAY, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24TH. - Family day price is $20 for the entire family, which includes 6-month NMRA magazine and membership. Family day activities include children's hands on “make and take” clinics, swap meet admission, modular layouts at the Convention and self guided layout tours. Kid's Clinics are: scenery rock painting, tree making, coloring boxcars, Kids Run Trains. Please Note that all children must be accompanied by an adult.
HOBO AUCTION Thursday night, September 22, 2016 will bring the HOBO Auction to the Convention.  For those of you who have not ever attended this fun social event, here is how it works: Attendees wishing to participate will have the opportunity to purchase special HOBO Auction tickets.  These tickets are sold in sets of twenty-five tickets.  Each set of twenty-five tickets contains the same tracking number, a retaining stub for the purchaser and a door prize coupon.  The more tickets you purchase, the greater your chances of winning! Tickets cost $5 for one set of twenty-five tickets or $10 for three sets (75 tickets) if all 3 sets are purchased at the same time and $20 for seven sets (175 tickets) if all 7 sets are purchased at the same time.  Attendees may purchase as many sets as desired and at any time during the Ticket Selling Period while the supply of tickets is available. AUCTION PROCEDURES: A ticket container (paper Bag) is placed next to each item.  Deposit as many tickets as desired into as many containers as desired for the item(s) you want to have a chance at winning.  Over 200 railroad and non rail items will be in the auction for your pleasure.  Typical items in the auction are locomotives, car kits, structure kits, tools, books, videos, wine, and some items for the ladies. At the end of the Ticket Selling Period, one lucky winning ticket will be drawn from each container for each item. The winning ticket holder must be present to win. Ticket holders who cannot be present at the time of the drawing are advised to give their tickets to someone who can attend in their absence.  If a winning ticket holder is not present, another ticket will be drawn from the container. The Auction will end when all items have been won and given to winning ticket holders.   Open to all LA Junction Convention registered attendees. Snacks and a No Host bar will be provided. If you would like to register for tables without using PayPal: Register Map and directions to Welcome Reception