Saturday Night

Enjoy Fine Dinning
at the Banquet
Saturday Night

Doors open at
6 pm

Member's Mixer
and No Host Bar

London Broil
Sliced Beef Marinated in
Garlic and Herbs

Sun Dried Tomato Crusted
with a Basil Cream Sauce

Mushroom Risotto
Sauteed Mushrooms, Shallots
and Vegetable Broth

Guest Speaker
Trevor Marshall from Toronto

Trevor is a lifelong model railway enthusiast, and he is currently building an S scale model railway featuring Canadian National’s Port Rowan branch
“in its twilight years”. He also co‐hosted “The Model Railway Show”,
a webcast that ran until May 2013. You can still watch the episodes
on Trevor’s website

For many of us, the hobby is more than a way to kill time. It's a lifelong
journey of friendships and learning. We love this hobby ‐ and many of
us wonder how we can encourage more people to join us as railway
modeling enthusiasts. In particular, we wonder how we're going to
reach younger people. Based on experience in his professional life
as a corporate speech writer, Trevor has garnered some insights
into the demographic known as The Millennials. He'll share
thoughts on how we connect with a cohort that has never
known a world in which the Internet did not exist, and
who many dismiss ‐ wrongly ‐ as being "more interested
in playing games on their phones than in building
things”. Trevor will also offer some suggestions
about how we make our hobby relevant to
more people ‐ especially these Millennials
‐ at a time when few people encounter
real trains on a daily basis.

Visit Trevor's Web Site with his blog, pictures of his modeling work and
links to the webcasts, at