Layouts - Operations


The following is a listing as of January 24, 2021 of the operations layouts that will be open during the Orange Blossom Special:


Owner Location Name Scale Guest Operators Layout Size Accessible DCC


Mark Lestico Long Beach Long Beach Subdivision HO 3 10x12 No Easy DCC LB Harbor
Bill Meyer Fullerton Big Creek Subdivision HO 6-7 19x27 DD No Easy DCC So Cal
Marty Bradley Los Alamitos Oakhurst Railroad HO/G 4 12x12 HO/Garden *** Digitrax Sierra Narrow Gauge
Chris Jean Fullerton Santa Ana & Northern HO 3 20x20 DD Yes** MRC So Cal
Lloyd Lehrer Manhattan Beach Western & Terminal Railroad and Navigation Company HO/HOn3 3 11x22 DD No Digitrax Port Ops/ Shortline Logging
Bob Calichia Los Alamitos Los Angeles Junction HO 3 11x20 Yes NCE Urban Switching
Bloomer Gardena Gardena Railroad HO 2 2x20 Yes Digitrax Industrial Switching
Artner Palo Verde   HO 4-6 8x20 Yes NCE Harbor Switching
Joel Morse Garden Grove New York, Ontario and Western Rwy N 6 10x20 Yes** Digitrax Mainline NY State
Ron Sipovich Mission Viejo Santa Fe and Pacific N 2 27x16 No Digitrax Cajon Pass

**     the layout is accessible but height restrictions for wheelchair bound because of the height of one or both decks
***   wheelchair access for the garden railroad portion of the layout only

Operations will take place Thursday, September 9, 2021 from 11 am to 10pm, Friday, September 10, 2021 from Noon to 5.00 pm. Saturday, September 11, 2021 from Noon to 5.00 pm

Updated 2/17/2021

Gary & Sandy Railroad

Gary Butts

  • Style: Freelance
    California Sierra Mountain Foothills
  • Era: 1890-1920
  • Scale: HO
  • Size: 12' x 10'
  • % Benchwork and Track: 100%
  • % Scenery
  • Control: DCC
  • Access: Two small steps
  • Parking: Street parking


The G & S RR is a completely free-lance railroad set somewhere in the 1890-1920’s. The location for the layout setting is somewhere in the California Sierra mountain foothills.

The layout features lighting in most of the buildings and work areas. It has background sounds emanating from the forests, waterfalls, campfires, taverns, workshops, etc. LED indicators show the position of the individual turnouts and since the layout also supports DC operation, the condition of the various track blocks are also shown with LEDs on the control panel.

We are expanding the layout and we aim to have the extension ready in time for the convention tour.


The Mitchell Falls & Staunton Railroad

Morrie & Roberta Fleishman

  • Style: Freelance
  • Era: 1930
  • Scale: F
  • Size: 70' x 10'
  • % Benchwork and Track: 100%
  • % Scenery: 40%
  • Control: DC
  • Access: Through side gate on grass and concrete walk

  • Parking: On street parking is available


The MF&S Railroad is a G Gauge, or F Scale,Garden Railroad that was started in 2013. It is a DC railroad consisting of over 300 feet of track controlled by 2 ControllerMaster 20 transformers and featuring short trains and locomotives with a 1930s era setting. The layout features logging and mining operations with the central feature being a large mountain with a waterfall and pond. This is a joint venture as Morrie runs the railroad and assembles the buildings and Roberta creates the scenes and landscaping.  Be sure to look at the store front displays.

Updated 1/19/2021


The Texas & Viejo Western RR Railroad

Morrie Fleischman

  • Style: Freelance
  • Era: 1945-1958
  • Scale: HO
  • Size: 15 1/2' x 14'
  • % Benchwork and Track: 100%
  • % Scenery: 95%
  • Control: DCC
  • Access: Garage layout no steps
  • Parking: On street parking is available


The Texas and Viejo Western is a 15 ½ foot by 14 foot multi-level Freelance HO garage layout. The layout uses code 100 nickel silver track with mostly Atlas switches.  The major railroads run are Missouri Pacific and Santa Fe and the era is from 1945 to 1958 or so, which allows both steam and diesel to be the motive power. The Easy DCC or EVP system operates the layout. While locations on the layout have real town names like Phoenix and Tucson, they are not modeled in detail as the names were established after the layout was designed to make operations easier. While the initial design was not developed with operations in mind, several sidings and industrial areas were added for switching and to facilitate operating sessions.


New York Ontario & Western Railway

Joel Morse

Layout Scale: N Scale 

Layout Size: 150 Sq Ft “E” Shape

Layout Concept: This proto-lanced point to point layout models the NYOW main line through the rolling hills of New York’s Catskill Mountains, in the spring of 1954. Traffic consists of dairy products, coal, bluestone granite, farm products, produce, wood chemical products and a variety of manufactured goods. The layout goal is to provide a combination of switching and through traffic focused jobs to the operating crews. The main yard and connection to the Delhi Branch are located in Walton, with trains serving customers located in the towns of Walton, Merrickville, Maywood, and Sidney on the NYOW. The layout includes interchanges with the Delaware and Hudson in Sidney, with connection to the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western at Merrickville Junction, and interchange with the DL&W at the fictional town of Shellysburg.

Layout Description: This approximately 150 square foot E-shaped, folded dog-bone, includes a 10-track staging yard representing the Division points of Cadosia and Norwich on the NYOW, as well as a 9-track staging yard representing the DL&W mainline. A first layer of scenery is completed over the entire layout, with detailed scenery treatments in progress all over the railroad. Structures include a combination of scratchbuilt, kit-bashed, kit built and swap meet stand-ins. Located in the garage, the layout is wheel-chair accessible, but is a minimum of 49 inches high.


Operations Description: Operation sessions include a variety of train types, with a typical session handling 15 to 20 trains, including locals, turns, manifest freights, coal drags, interchange transfers and passenger trains; with traffic managed by the Dispatcher using a Train Sheet and issuing verbal Track Warrants. Walton is the hub of the railroad with many trains originating and terminating there (and virtually all trains passing through). Trains also originate and terminate at Shellysburg on the DL&W, as well as the four staging yard locations (Cadosia/Norwich on the NYOW and Binghamton/Syracuse on the DL&W). Headed by first generation diesels, trains are limited to 10 cars plus power and caboose. One-man crews utilize the Form 19 as a combination Clearance Form A and train instruction sheet, and are required to verbally OS to the Dispatcher and receive verbal Track Warrants for movement over the line. The Walton Yard is busy enough to require a Yardmaster and Assistant Yardmaster/Hostler to make-up and break-down trains, classify cars, and switch customers. The Walton Yard crew and the Dispatcher jobs require experienced operators. No experience is needed for the other crew jobs which work the Delhi Freight Turn, Delhi Coal Turn, Sidney Local, Norwich Express and the DL&W Transfer, along with through coal drags, and passenger trains.

Crew Jobs:

  • Dispatcher
  • Walton Yardmaster
  • Walton Assistant Yardmaster/Hostler
  • 3-4 Road Crews            


Updated 1/24/2021