HOBO Auction

Friday 6.00PM
Monarch rooms


Our popular HOBO Auction will be held in the hotel on Friday evening at 6.00PM in the Monarch rooms. You will need tickets to participate and you buy them in sheets twenty-five tickets (and yes, you get to separate them!). Each set of twenty-five tickets contains the same tracking number, a retaining sub for the purchaser and a door prize coupon (which may, or may not, be used).  The more tickets you purchase, the greater your chances are of winning!

$5 per set of twenty-five tickets or $10 for 3 sets (75 tickets), $20 for 7 sets (175 tickets) and $25 for 9 sets (225 tickets) if all sets are purchased at the same time.

A ticket container is placed next to each item.  Deposit as many tickets as desired into as many containers as desired for the item(s) you want to have a chance at winning.

At the end of the Ticket Selling Period, one lucky winning ticket will be drawn from each container for each item.

The winning ticket holder must be present to win.

Ticket holders who cannot be present at the time of the drawing are advised to give their tickets to someone who can attend in their absence.  If a winning ticket holder is not present, another ticket will be drawn from the container.

The Auction will end when all items have been won and given to winning ticket holders.

We will have a large amount of prizes in different categories: Non-Rail items, books memorabilia, and of course TRAINS in all scales and shapes.


Picture from an earlier HOBO Auction showing ticket containers and prizes.

A few of the prizes we have collected for this HOBO Auction are

Walthers ATSF F7 ABBA, not DCC (HO) DRGW Doodlebug (G gauge) Various books and Kits
Various cars (N and HO)    

As we get closer to the auction day there will be a lot more nice, valuable prizes!