HOBO Breakfast

Saturday 7.00AM
Catalina room


Saturday morning at 7.00AM we will have the HOBO Breakfast all set up for you in the Catalina room.The cost for the HOBO Breakfast is $20 (tips included).

Hobos are, by definition, model railroaders who have attended at least one NMRA National convention outside the boundary of their home region. While our Hobo group may not be down on their luck or out of work, they are well-traveled folks, and all are welcome to join in this time of camaraderie while enjoying a fine breakfast.

Hobos are encouraged to bring guests to this activity. If you are not a Hobo by definition and would like to join us, you can talk one of the organizers into come as their guest.

As is customary, we will have the “Official Beggar” circulating with his tin can collecting any coins (or paper) you can contribute toward keeping the Hobo tradition going. We will also have pins and patches for sale at the breakfast, should you wish to advertise your allegiance.

And don't forget you get to dine on the famous HOBO place mat. Don't forget to sign it:

 We have set the start time to 7AM so you will have time to attend and then go to the Swap Meet.