Layouts - Open House


The following is a listing as of June 18, 2021 of the layouts that will be open during the Orange Blossom Special:



For your convenience we have included the following table to show you the distance and approximate driving time to the layouts from the Convention Hotel.

Owner Layout Name Scale Capacity

Drive Time

Access Parking Notes
Boyd CPRR N  5-6 9/18 Easy access Street  
Brea Brea Museum HO 25 22/30 No wheel chair access Parking lot  
Brody T&LB RR G 60 10/24 Easy access Street  
Butts G&S RR HO 5 12/25 2 steps Street Cul-de-sac
Carnighan FNLB RR G 10 15/25 Back Yard Street  
Corona CMRS HO 25 30/35 Easy access Parking lot  
Fleishman MF&S G 20 16/25 Back Yard Street Cul-de-sac
Fleishman T&VW RR HO 10 16/25 Garage Street Cul-de-sac
Helland HLH MR HO 5 22/26 2nd Floor
No elevator
Street Walk up drive
Hendrick MGRR HO 15 22/30 Driveway, No steps Street  
Gornick TJ RR HO 4-5 12/22 2nd Floor
No elevator
Kruger J.K &P G 20 15/18 No wheel chairs Street  
Lancaster LASDRR HO 10 8/12 Building in Back Yard Street  
Najera CCRR G/HO  50 15/28 Back Yard Street  
Najera DGRR G  50 15/28 Back Yard Street  
Mitchell BMRR HO 10 57/1:10 Building in Back Yard Street  
North County NCMRS HO 8 55/60   Street  
Olds TW Rwy HO 5-8 4/11 2nd Floor
2 flights of stairs
Sheegog CPT RR G 75 20/35-50 Back Yard Street  
Schultz RGS RR HOn3 4 28/35 No wheel chairs Street Gate code req.
Thies TMF RR G 40-50 17/25 Easy access Street  
Wolf SAQ  HO 10  7/15 Through alley. Layout in the garage Street  

Please note that the distances to the layouts are approximate and that the driving times (this being Southern California) are VERY approximate.

 Updated 6/18/2021