Gary & Sandy Railroad

Gary Butts

  • Style: Freelance
    California Sierra Mountain Foothills
  • Era: 1890-1920
  • Scale: HO
  • Size: 12' x 10'
  • % Benchwork and Track: 100%
  • % Scenery
  • Control: DCC
  • Access: Two small steps
  • Parking: Street parking


The G & S RR is a completely free-lance railroad set somewhere in the 1890-1920’s. The location for the layout setting is somewhere in the California Sierra mountain foothills.

The layout features lighting in most of the buildings and work areas. It has background sounds emanating from the forests, waterfalls, campfires, taverns, workshops, etc. LED indicators show the position of the individual turnouts and since the layout also supports DC operation, the condition of the various track blocks are also shown with LEDs on the control panel.

We are expanding the layout and we aim to have the extension ready in time for the convention tour.