The Texas & Viejo Western RR Railroad

Morrie Fleischman

  • Style: Freelance
  • Era: 1945-1958
  • Scale: HO
  • Size: 15 1/2' x 14'
  • % Benchwork and Track: 100%
  • % Scenery: 95%
  • Control: DCC
  • Access: Garage layout no steps
  • Parking: On street parking is available


The Texas and Viejo Western is a 15 ½ foot by 14 foot multi-level Freelance HO garage layout. The layout uses code 100 nickel silver track with mostly Atlas switches.  The major railroads run are Missouri Pacific and Santa Fe and the era is from 1945 to 1958 or so, which allows both steam and diesel to be the motive power. The Easy DCC or EVP system operates the layout. While locations on the layout have real town names like Phoenix and Tucson, they are not modeled in detail as the names were established after the layout was designed to make operations easier. While the initial design was not developed with operations in mind, several sidings and industrial areas were added for switching and to facilitate operating sessions.