Los Angeles & San Diego RR

Jim Lancaster

  • Style: Southern California
  • Era: 1950-1960
  • Scale: HO
  • Size: 34' x 15'
  • % Benchwork and Track: 100%
  • % Scenery: 100%
  • Control: Analog DC
  • Access: Yes
  • Parking: Street parking


This impressive layout realistically portrays the look and feel of railroading in Southern California during the late 50s and early 60s. It is located in a separate building on Jim's property and is fully accessible.

Jim has a penchant for PFE and SFRD refrigerator cars and their operation. This becomes obvious in the form of the many citrus related industries found throughout his layout. Jim has done extensive prototype research on many of the numerous structures found on the layout. The attention to detail, obvious from comparison with the prototype photos that Jim has used to scratch build and kit-bash his structures, provides a realism not often found in a layout of this size. His Union Ice house and icing platform are just a couple of examples of his work in the layout town of Chapman.

The town of Riverside is represented with many structures modeled after the actual buildings found in the 1950s along 6th and 7th Streets as well as Pachappa Avenue, including a full scale model of the National Orange Sunkist packing house. A second packing house, wholesale grocer, freight house, team loading dock, scrap yard, fuel dealer, theater and church are all modeled after actual structures that were located in the area.