Tidewater and Western Railway

Bob Olds

  • Style: Tidewater and Western Railway (T&W)
  • Era: Transition 1948-50
  • Scale: HO
  • Size: 14'x21'
  • % Benchwork and Track: 100%
  • % Scenery: 100 %
  • Control: DC Walk around
  • Access: Not handicap accessible!
  • Parking: Street parking
  • Room capacity: 5-8

A dedicated 14 x 21 room houses this very complete layout with options for point-to-point or continuous-loop running on a 119 foot mainline with an additional 55 feet in passing tracks and return loops. Trackage is Code 100 in the main yard, 83 on the mainline, 70 on branch lines and sidings and 55 on spurs. The three branches total 117 feet, serving a citrus growing area, a city/industrial area, and a mountain resort.

There are many highly detailed city, industrial, rural and desert scenes with appropriate hand-painted and commercial backdrops. The hand-painted backdrop is on 1/8” inch mahogany veneer. Various scenery elements are well integrated. Bob models the Southwestern U.S. in the steam-diesel transition era, circa 1948-1950. Practices follow the three railroads (ATSF, SP & UP) Bob grew up with in Southern California.

There are many one-of-a-kind modified steam locomotives, including several award winners.  Scenery is hard-shell plaster with water soluble detailing and texturing.

The layout is essentially a “folded dog bone” design with inclusion of two reversing loops. The layout height is 48 to 59 inches on L-girder benchwork. The control system consists of two MRC Control Master 20 power units and walk-around throttles with provisions for selected local control.

Access alert: Not handicap accessible.  Entry to the layout room involves two flights of stairs, one exterior and another steeper flight indoors - and it's all up hill on departure.


 Updated 04/21/2021