New York Ontario & Western Railway

Joel Morse

  • Style: NYO&W Catskills, NY and Scranton, PA
  • Era: 1876-1957
  • Scale: N
  • Size: 150 sqft (x' x y')
  • % Benchwork and Track: 100%
  • % Scenery: 100
  • Control: DCC and LNWI
  • Access:
  • Parking:


This N-scale layout is modeled after the 541 mile Class-One New York, Ontario and Western Railway (NYOW) in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, and the rich Pennsylvania coal fields around Scranton, from around 1876 until abandonment in 1957. It is designed for operation with a hidden staging yard that allows for both continuous running, as well as point to point operations.

The approximately 150 square foot E-shaped, folded dog-bone layout is constructed with Code 80 Atlas flex track and hand thrown Peco turnouts (with Hex Frog Juicers), Digitrax DCC with a Digitrax LNWI to allow mobile phone throttle use.

Operations of the layout focus on the Walton Yard with mixed freight turns on the Delhi Branch, at Sidney and the DL&W interchange, as well as overhead coal traffic and mixed freights, along with local passenger trains.  Additional operational interest is provided by the interchange with the D&H in the Sidney yard and the interchange with the DL&W at Shellysburg. The Walton Yardmaster and Engine Hostler assemble 10 to 12 car trains headed by first generation diesel power in the Walton yard.