ATSF Big Creek Subdivision

Bill Meyer

Layout Name: ATSF Big Creek Subdivision

Layout Scale: HO

Layout Size: 19 x 27 double deck

Layout Concept: This freelanced railroad representing mainline traffic on the pre-BNSF merger with the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe typical of the area between Fullerton and Barstow in Southern California around 1990.  Traffic consists of a variety of freight and passenger trains including both Amtrak and Metrolink, originating in staging as well as the 5th Street Yard.  Interchange with Southern Pacific occurs at the 5th Street Yard.

Layout Description: This 19 x 27-foot double deck layout fills a two-car garage, is partially scenicked and provides approximately 260 feet of mainline, as well as two yards (5th Street and Summit), and a number of towns where locals switch customers.


Operations Description: ATSF mainline featuring a mix of hot piggyback and through stack trains, and ATSF manifests, working off of a sequential train lineup/schedule. Local trains are made up in the two yards.  An SP interchange and Amtrak and Metrolink passenger run among the ATSF freights. Car Routing is accomplished with Car Cards and Waybills.  Traffic Management utilizes written Track Warrants requested by the Crew from the Dispatcher located in the house, using a specific script via radio. Crews are provided with a written description of each job

Crew Jobs:

  • Dispatcher
  • 5th Street Yardmaster
  • Summit Yardmaster
  • Four Road Crews            


Updated 1/24/2021