Volunteers Needed

Besides the actual convention committee which consists of 16 members, a convention of this magnitude requires a lot of other help in various area. 

Registration and Company Store On the first 2, days we need help at the Registration desk, to help check in members, hand out convention packets, and attend the company store. It is critical to get members through the registration check in process as quickly as possible.

Show Room Hosts Assist the PSR Contest Manager and the PSR Awards Manager.  During registration accept items into the room and process the required paperwork, log in each entry data into the computer.  Manage the entry door as bags and purses are not allowed in the room.  Also, watch that none of the entries are picked up by visitors. And provide ballots to each member so they can vote on the entries. 

Clinic Room Hosts Help the clinician set up and take down, be sure the audio/video equipment is working, and the room is straightened up after each clinic. The great thing about this job is you get to attend clinics.

Hobo Auction Assistants Help set out the auction items under the direction of the Hobo Auction Manager.  Assist the Auctioneer by pulling auction tickets, bring items to the Auctioneer and running items to the winners.

Swap Meet Assistants Help set up the swap meet area under the direction of the Swap Meet Manager. Assist swap meet sellers with move in and out, and monitor the entry gate so only registered delegates and paid public are allowed into the swap meet.   

So, if you have a little extra time and can help please do so, your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

To add your name to our volunteer list, contact Steve Pepin at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And contact Paul Stoner or Scott Kahle for the layout participation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.